What To Expect when You Come for a Newborn Session



So exciting! It's time to plan for your newborn session. Please anticipate being at my studio for approximately 2-3 Hours. I prefer to get those sweet sleepy baby portraits and they require lots of cuddle and comfort times. Also, extra time is necessary for feeding and backdrop set ups.  Please understand that your baby may be off their usual feeding schedule for the session. They will likely require more feedings than normal. Please bring extra formula just in case if you aren't breastfeeding.


   Please inform me if you are interested in having parent or family images taken. If so, we will take them first. I keep the room quite warm for baby's comfort. Please dress in solid or neutral colors for parent and family images. Logos and bright vivid patterns can sometimes distract from baby. Please dress comfortably (light clothes) due to the warm temperature I will have the room set to. Some great images come from baby in Dad's arms/hands (Optional) If you are interested in doing some like that please bring a solid black shirt for Dad and tell me you're requesting those when you arrive for your session. Please make sure fingernails are clean and polish is not chipping. If you would like to have a sibling image taken I will try to take those early in the session. Young children sometimes do not tolerate the long session time well, so I recommend having another family member bring them to the park or to get something to eat while mom and I finish the baby only part of the session.


       I provide wraps, headbands and newborn outfits.



        Feel free to bring snacks and water.  I will have water available if needed.

        Please bring a pacifier even if he/she doesn't take one. These can be very helpful in soothing if necessary.


Please feed baby right before you leave to come to the session. Also, Please have them dressed in clothes that will be easy to remove. (unless we are doing family images- then bring them in the outfit they will wear for that image)


        I have no problem with you bringing a few family members with you for the session, but please remember it can be a bit over whelming if too many people come to view. Please remember that I prefer no cell phone images be taken during the session.


Please note: I do not guarantee any specific poses. If baby is awake and restless we will be limited, but it's okay. They are beautiful no matter how the session goes and I will document all the funny faces he/she will give.


      Remember that this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for you. Relax and let me take over for a couple of hours. We will get some amazing photos of your sweet little one that you will cherish forever.

Ask me about discounted minimum orders at your future milestone sessions.