I cannot express to you how much I enjoy what I do.  When I was a little girl I would use my mother's 35 mm to take photos of flowers and interesting buildings. I decided to go into the medical field for my career and I became a Dental Hygienist. Although I still love Dental Hygiene very much, I started to rediscover my love for photography in 2012. I rekindled my passion for photography and realized that I loved photographing newborns and young children. With 3 children of my own I always had beautiful models to help me.  I decided to continue my education by doing 1:1 mentoring with one of the top Newborn photographers in the country.

       I am no were near finished my growth in this AMAZING world of photography.  I have my little in home studio were I make magic.  I give all of myself to make sure your experience with me is a wonderful memory that you can treasure forever.