How to plan for your cake smash session


Yay! Baby is already turning ONE!!! Wow time has flown by so fast! You have set up a day for your cake smash session and now you need to know what comes next... Now we plan! So lets start with what I supply and what you will bring.

  I will provide tissue pom poms if requested, the paper backdrop, and the cake stand. I do have some banners and bunting that can be used if it matches your theme.  I do have a couple cardboard "1" s and the Letters "O' "N" and "E" (white).

  You (Parents) provide the cake, balloons, outfit, and any additional props that you would like to incorporate. Ask me if I have items for that theme.

1. The CAKE! 

The 2nd most important part of the photograph :)  I recommend that you purchase a white or yellow cake. Chocolate doesn't photograph as well. Please only purchase buttercream or whipped icing for the main portion of the cake. Fondant is too hard to break up for a successful cake smash, however a few accents made from fondant is fine. Professionally decorated cakes do look best for the session. Please don't feel obligated to have to purchase a professionally decorated cake, but if you can please consider it.  Please don't keep the cake in the fridge before hand, no one likes to dig into something that is too cold!  Red icing is probably best avoided, as when it melts it can look a bit like blood. Black or Brown icing on top of cake will end up looking like a goatee on baby's face so be aware of that.  My cake stands can fit up to an 8 inch cake board. I can transfer the cake if necessary, but sometimes that damages the bottom border. Please note, you may get some icing on you as well from baby snuggles so dress accordingly. *I recommend having a cute design on the front of the cake (on the side) instead of all the decoration on top. I mostly photograph from a straight on front view.


2. The Props!

Feel free to bring what ever you'd like. If I can incorporate it I will, if not then at least we tried :) If you would like to bring balloons, we will only need 4-6 balloons (Latex only). There is a Rouses and Hi-5 near my house that is perfect so you don't have to travel far with them.  You are welcome to bring a banner to use for the session. You can use it at his/her birthday party after. I do request that the banner be at least 5 or 6 ft long (longer is best so it can reach my backdrop stand easily) If the child's name is on the banner please have that be in the center and no longer than 2 foot (for centering above the child and having it fit in the frame of the portrait). Please consult with me about what prop you'd like to bring (via email or Facebook message) before the session.  I can make tissue pom poms or pinwheels to coordinate with the colors of the theme if you'd like, but I need at least a few days notice. 

3. The Outfit

Now to decide what to wear! Little girls look adorable in tutus and pettiskirts. Little boys look great in diaper covers or blue jean, However you can bring any outfit you would like. Icing will be everywhere so make sure you are okay with whatever they wear getting covered in icing. I will have a little area set up for you to clean your little one after.