Regular session

Please expect session to last around 45 minutes to 1 hour.  These sessions are done at my home studio in the Summerfield Subdivision.  Please bring up to 3 outfit changes. I do have some hair accessories that you are welcome to use.  I do own many props, however you are welcome to bring any props that are meaningful to you that you would like to incorporate.  I average around 12-25 images per session.  I do not guarantee that your child will smile so please do everything you can to schedule around your child's nap/feeding schedule appropriately.  Children who do not feel well typically do not have easy going sessions so I strongly recommend rescheduling your child's session if they appear to be getting ill.

**** I do not force children to continue with session if they are uncooperative or unhappy.  If 20 minutes goes by and your child does not seem interested in taking photos we will stop and reschedule.  It has been my experience that they will not suddenly change and start being happy. 


I will be using 3 different backdrops for your session. If you decide to use the add on for a sibling they are welcome to jump in on one of those backdrops.  If you would prefer to have one of your backdrop options be used for the sibling's images let me know. I use my wooden wall for family images.


Previous Newborn clients:

Please be aware that you have a discounted minimum order for being a newborn client.

Occasionally, 3 month sessions don't go smoothly so please be aware that we may only do one backdrop in that situation. I will reduce your minimum order if that is the issue.       

You have the ability to get the growth collage canvas.  If you choose to do that one of your backdrops will always be used to fill the collage.  Please continue to bring similar or colors that will work for that. Example: if you choose a newborn image that used green and brown then we will always have tones in those colors for 3, 6, 9, and 12 mo.  I will schedule your next session before you leave that day.          

The digital images from milestone sessions are discounted for newborn clients.  If you are interested in that please message me for fees.